The Arctic Circle Conference

Attendees include a range of global decision–makers from all sectors, including political and business leaders, indigenous representatives, non governmental and environmental representatives, policy and thought leaders, scientists, experts, activists, student and media for the Arctic countries as well as Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. Proposed sessions can cover topics under any of the following Issues as they relate to the Arctic: • Sea ice melt and extreme weather • Polar law: treaties and agreements • the role and rights of indigenous peoples • Security in the Arctic • Shipping and transportation infrastructure • The prospects and risks of oil and gas drilling • Clean energy a


The story takes place in a world very much like our own. In fact, it is ours, in our dreams. What happens when our life and land begins to fall away and decay? When the world becomes so polluted the sun cannot penetrate the darkest clouds and the wind becomes so sick it turns to ash and dies? ​ In our story, the North Wind God Boreus has gone too far. He was at one time a magnificent Stallion swiftly moving currents over the land. Now he is a violent force pushed beyond his godly limits, breaching the borders of Hyperborea- a utopic land ruled by the sun. With him on this furious tempest swirls garbage and remnants of a world we know well- the lands below hyperborea, the lands of the peo

WGTE PBS INTERDISCIPLINARY GRANT-Tilly the Time Traveling Earthworm

WORKING TITLE: Tilly, The Time Traveling Earthworm STORY PREMISE: An earthworm, Tilly and her best friend sidekick Polli the honey bee, voyage through the spacetime continuum via wormholes, seeking ethical answers to the conflicts that exist between 21st century technologies and planet Earth’s sustainability. FORMAT: Mixed Media: puppet theatre, short form documentary, music video, and computer generated special effects and motion graphics. STRUCTURE: Vignette Episode: Total running time of 28.0 minutes. 15 short segments realized through various media. (See Chart #1). Each vignette presents a story that shares common themes or subjects with Tilly and Polli’s adventures throughout the spacet

How to make a Corn Puppet- WGTE

Here is the basic design for the corn puppets for the interdisciplinary class. More images with steps to follow...;) How to make a mouth plate: 1. Measure the top of the muffin/corn or opening of the puppet circumference- create or use a template – cut out on band-saw. 2. Create a full circle and a half circle- these are the basic elements of the mechanism, The full circle is the top half and the ½ circle is the bottom half. The center of the ½ circle 3. Create a place to mount the late on the end of the dowel rod- cut a straight groove about half way through a couple passes so that is wide enough to insert the piece in. Make sure the cut is level. Mount the top plate into the dowel in thi

KCACTF- The Adding Machine

News: The Adding Machine The last matinee performance of The Adding Machine at University of Toledo Department of Theatre & Film was a total sell out. And the performance was absolutely amazing! Congratulations, Irene Alby, cast, and crew! The Toledo Blade did an article about the revival of last semester's production of "The Adding Machine" at the Regional Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. The countdown to touring "The Adding Machine" to the Kennedy Center region II American College Theatre Festival Begins: 7, 6,5,4... Performance for 1000 people in Cleveland's Playhouse Square on Jan 3rd! About: The Adding Machine The University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film 201


I was a builder on two of these costumes, and more. A little about these characters: The Avox (I built 13 of these) and the yellow dress.


I was a builder on all four of these costumes, and more. A little about these characters: When entering the Training Center, tributes were required to enter viachariot rides that would show the audience what to expect from the competitors of each district. The chariots would be decorated according to which district they belonged to and their district's industry. Most of the time the audience would cheer for the chariots they liked and do nothing for the ones they did not like. The chariot rides were very important because it was a chance for the tributes to make an impression on the citizens of the Capitol and potential sponsors. Most tributes, to make a good imression or the audience like t


Set costumers keep track of the costumes, making sure they get packed into the truck and unloaded safely without damaging or dirtying them. They see that costumes and accessories are distributed to the correct actors and explain proper costume care, including not eating, drinking or smoking while wearing the costumes, not wearing perfume or cologne and not being seen in the costume off the set. They establish guidelines for actors to check costumes after each use for dirt, tears and other problems, and where to place pieces when they need attention. After the show's run, they ensure that costumes are cleaned and stored, and that the costumes that were borrowed or rented are returned promptly


Sets and Costume for the Ohio State Lottery Costume. The image on the right is one of the mock up I made first. It only hade 5 points and the director thought this may not be enough. So with only 5 days to build the cactus I had to re-mock up the costume with 8 points. The good news is I had figured out the pattern and technique already to build the thing. Let us say, however, that although I did finish the project on time and was the hit of the set (the clients were extremely happy), it was a very short time in which to achieve this project. A word to the wise, at least two weks is required to make a costume such as this. I knew this but decided to take it on as they really needed it

The Watch

Here is an example of how important the costumes are to a stroy sometimes. The Producers took the design and making of these very seriously. the process was long and arduous getting everypne to agree on the final design. Scene from the film: Bob: Here we go! Bad-ass jackets for the Watch! Evan: Hey, what- what happened to my logo? Bob: Oh this is- this is just like your initial logo, only now it’s awesome. Evan: This has nothing to do with my original logo. My logo was an eye that was watching over the neighborhood. I don’t know what this is. This is- What, a tiger with wings? Bob: Exactly! This is a tiger, who’s fierce and sleek. But it’s got wings, so it flies above the neighborhood,


Just because the film stars Milo Ventimiglia, Gabriel Macht and Andie MacDowell dosn't mean we do anything different as the Costume Designers. Good old fashion three dimensional mood biards are created and shown to the director, and decisions as to style , color, and more are made based on these. Yes sometimes fittings are handled a bit differently. In the case of Andi Mcdowell I did her fittings in her hotel room. Milo Ventimiglia was very intracle to the creation of his character. He really wanted the clothes to come from an actual thrift store, something some actors refuse to wear. Aslo, it is in the contract of sme actors to be able to keep their wardrobe after. Gabriel Macht real

Crackerjack- Mascot and puppets

I created these puppets for the Feature Film, Cracker Jack. comedy with a message was the genre for this Jeff Foxworthy produced film. This movie about a church softball league, a band of misfits, and their road to salvation. I was the Costume Supervisor on this, but not strictly adhering to this role, I also wore many other hats. Included building a Jesus Mascot and three devil puppets identical to each other. The scene with the puppets called for the actor to throw Satan back into the fire from which he came. We had three times to get the shot!


This workshop was a first look at what will follow as a full scale production of The Immortals. The story takes place in a world very much like ours. In fact, it is ours, but the world we see in our dark dreams. It examines what might happen when the air becomes so polluted the sun cannot penetrate and the wind becomes so turbulent it disrupts the gravitational pull of the moon and beyond. ​ Our setting is Hyperborea, a once utopic green land, North of the North wind, where the sun shone all year round and the inhabitants lived forever. Now, it is the dwelling place of dying gods. Here a little girl, her rabit, and an otherworldy stuffed frog, having flown over the world, though space and t

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