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After working on these hats circa 1910-1920, we had a tea party.  I am very proud at what the R and P students of SFUAD can produce...

Prompted by religious visions, Turner and a band of about 70 rebel slaves killed between 55 to 65 people in Virginia — the most ever killed in a slave uprising. The rebellion was stopped after two days, but Turner survived in hiding for more than two months. 





For three weeks I created many of the looks for this Amazon TV pilot.  





Attendees include a range of global decision–makers from all sectors, including political and business leaders, indigenous representatives, non governmental and environmental representatives, policy and thought leaders, scientists, experts, activists, student and media...

The story takes place in a world very much like our own.   In fact, it is ours, in our dreams.  What happens when our life and land begins to fall away and decay? When the world becomes so polluted the sun cannot penetrate the darkest clouds and the wind becomes so sic...


Tilly, The Time Traveling Earthworm 



An earthworm, Tilly and her best friend sidekick Polli the honey bee, voyage 

through the spacetime continuum via wormholes, seeking ethical answers to the 

conflicts that exist between 21st century techn...

Here is the basic design for the corn puppets for the interdisciplinary class.  More images with steps to follow...;)


How to make a mouth plate:

1. Measure the top of the muffin/corn or opening of the puppet circumference- create or use a template – cut out on band-saw.


News: The Adding Machine

The last matinee performance of The Adding Machine at University of Toledo Department of Theatre & Film was a total sell out. And the performance was absolutely amazing! Congratulations, Irene Alby, cast, and crew!

The Toledo Blade...

I was a builder on two of these costumes, and more.  


A little about these characters:


The Avox (I built 13 of these) and the yellow dress.

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June 21, 2017

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November 7, 2015

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