Summary: Narrated by a 95-year-old Christmas Moultrie (Ejiofor) as he recalls his friendship long ago with Ward Allen (Caviezel) in Savannah back in the early 20th century. Ward was born into privilege in the mid-1800s but settled for a life of duck hunting, which found him in front of Judge Harden (Holbrook) often. He was also found quite drunk, a point of tension with his wife, Lucy (Alexander) who married him to spite her father (Shepard) who wanted her to marry Sir Graham (McBrayer). Their marriage is later tested by his hard-drinking ways, his devotion to his hunting, and her breakdown after a stillbirth. Difficult scenes to shoot: Water. There was a lot of water scenes, from sailing

Tina Guo- Queen Bee

Here are some Behind the Scene images frm the shoot. As the Production Designer on this video I was responsible for the entire look of the each shot. That is my hand in the picture adjusting her hair that when she pulls up will unravel, and then when played backwards creates striking effect. I designed the suit and made the bug that was placed on her forehead, as well as made the beehive in my studio. Extra touches such as straw, which I happen to have just lying around were added to create a look. What you do not see in these images are the other costumes, for the band performance, I also designed and altered. This video won a couple awards and was the first in several video's that I wo

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