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KCACTF- The Adding Machine

News: The Adding Machine

The last matinee performance of The Adding Machine at University of Toledo Department of Theatre & Film was a total sell out. And the performance was absolutely amazing! Congratulations, Irene Alby, cast, and crew!

The Toledo Blade did an article about the revival of last semester's production of "The Adding Machine" at the Regional Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

The countdown to touring "The Adding Machine" to the Kennedy Center region II American College Theatre Festival Begins: 7, 6,5,4... Performance for 1000 people in Cleveland's Playhouse Square on Jan 3rd!

About: The Adding Machine

The University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film 2014-2015 Season opens its first play of the season Friday, October 24 - THE ADDING MACHINE, written by American playwright Elmer Rice and directed by Irene Alby. THE ADDING MACHINE follows the story of an ordinary accountant, Mr. Zero, who murders his boss after learning he will be replaced at work by an adding machine. This action - his only unique and spontaneous act after a lifetime of obedience - and its consequences are explored in Elmer Rice's expressionistic play.

After he is sentenced and executed for murder, Mr. Zero finds his afterlife to be a most unexpected experience. Funny, sad, poignant and startling, this expressionist, metaphorical play will be a visually rich contemplation on right and wrong, life and death.

The play's director, Irene Alby says that though the age of the play dates it somewhat, it's still very relevant to today. "We're taking the play out of its time and making it more timeless. Its themes are about dehumanizing technology, increased isolation and the mechanization of humanity. Today we have machines replacing jobs that people used to do, the outsourcing of jobs, the effects of texting and social media replacing face-to-face interaction."

She says that the play will achieve this by weaving modern technology into the action, and making use of highly choreographed and heightened movement to enhance the expressionistic style of the writing.

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