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WGTE PBS INTERDISCIPLINARY GRANT-Tilly the Time Traveling Earthworm


Tilly, The Time Traveling Earthworm


An earthworm, Tilly and her best friend sidekick Polli the honey bee, voyage

through the spacetime continuum via wormholes, seeking ethical answers to the

conflicts that exist between 21st century technologies and planet Earth’s



Mixed Media: puppet theatre, short form documentary, music video, and computer

generated special effects and motion graphics.


Vignette Episode: Total running time of 28.0 minutes. 15 short segments realized

through various media. (See Chart #1). Each vignette presents a story that shares

common themes or subjects with Tilly and Polli’s adventures throughout the

spacetime continuum.


Although the characters appear simply humorous and adventurous, the underlying

themes within Tilly, The Time Traveling Earthworm examine relevant 21st century

social realities in simple yet meaningful ways. The playful engagement inherent

within vignette storytelling coupled with puppetry and mixed media accommodates

a diverse audience that seeks meaningful entertainment. By re-examining unethical

cultural concepts, processes, and messages plaguing our planet the show attempts

to strengthen the problem solving abilities of its viewers of all ages. Through active

and engaged learning, the episode reveals that individuals can make alternative

choices to the unprincipled decisions made by special interest groups and governing

powers. Better-informed choices contribute to a healthier living environment.

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