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The story takes place in a world very much like our own. In fact, it is ours, in our dreams. What happens when our life and land begins to fall away and decay? When the world becomes so polluted the sun cannot penetrate the darkest clouds and the wind becomes so sick it turns to ash and dies?

In our story, the North Wind God Boreus has gone too far. He was at one time a magnificent Stallion swiftly moving currents over the land. Now he is a violent force pushed beyond his godly limits, breaching the borders of Hyperborea- a utopic land ruled by the sun. With him on this furious tempest swirls garbage and remnants of a world we know well- the lands below hyperborea, the lands of the people of earth.

The future is uncertain for all the inhabitants of this magical place, until a little girl, her rabbit, and an otherworldly stuffed frog, travel through time and space together- to harness the wind and save the sun. Now, if only we could do that too.

The Immortals is an exciting, large-scale puppetry performance using mythical stories and fantastical creatures to explore the human impact on the planet. From Global warming, animal extinction, pollution of the water and the air, it starts the conversation and is meant to connect us to this very real issue.

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