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The Watch

Here is an example of how important the costumes are to a stroy sometimes. The Producers took the design and making of these very seriously. the process was long and arduous getting everypne to agree on the final design.

Scene from the film:

Bob: Here we go! Bad-ass jackets for the Watch! Evan: Hey, what- what happened to my logo? Bob: Oh this is- this is just like your initial logo, only now it’s awesome. Evan: This has nothing to do with my original logo. My logo was an eye that was watching over the neighborhood. I don’t know what this is. This is- What, a tiger with wings? Bob: Exactly! This is a tiger, who’s fierce and sleek. But it’s got wings, so it flies above the neighborhood, and if it sees a domestic problem, it kills it! Jamarcus: The other thing is, your original one is here, so I think… Franklin: Yeah, right there on the side. Evan: That’s weird ‘cause it’s like, an eye on the shoulder, but there’s a tiger on your back… Bob: Weird how? What are you talking about? Evan: Are we flaming tigers? ‘Cause that’s what it looks like. We’re the flaming, flying tigers. It makes no sense. Bob: Are you out of your mind?! This is inspiring for the Watch! Whenever you have a tiger, flames and wings, all in the same logo! It’s like the Chinese symbol for ‘Shut the fuck up and dance!’ This is inspiring for the Watch! Evan: I don’t know, what are we, in a doo-wop group? We’re gonna, like, stand over a garbage can with fire and harmonize? Jamarcus: I would see this doo-wop group. Bob: Hey, for your information, doo-wop groups were known to close ass. Singing was their hobby, closing ass was their job. Franklin: The baritone from Boyz II Men had to stop making music ‘cause he got so much pussy. Bob: Thank you. Jamarcus: They’re like ass collectors. Can I just say, Bob, that these are the shits. Franklin: Just the shit. Jamarcus: These are just shit.

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