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This workshop was a first look at what will follow as a full scale production of The Immortals. The story takes place in a world very much like ours. In fact, it is ours, but the world we see in our dark dreams. It examines what might happen when the air becomes so polluted the sun cannot penetrate and the wind becomes so turbulent it disrupts the gravitational pull of the moon and beyond.

Our setting is Hyperborea, a once utopic green land, North of the North wind, where the sun shone all year round and the inhabitants lived forever. Now, it is the dwelling place of dying gods.

Here a little girl, her rabit, and an otherworldy stuffed frog, having flown over the world, though space and time, find a way to harness the wind and a save the the land from total extinction. Her they discover the meaning of immortality.

​The Immortals is a commentary of the state of world today concerning environmental issues such as global warming, animal extinction, and the pollution of water and air. It is meant to start the conversation to affect change. The play which is set in the mythical land of Hyperborea, a very real place that has been the subject matter of many cultures and across interest groups, this place being the lands of The Arctic Circle.

The puppets for the workshop were made out of brown paper and glue, but the full length show will have much more complex puppet build process and many more characters.

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