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Cut Varaform to requested shape with scissors (Varaform can be cut either warm or cold).

  • Immerse Varaform in warm water (70°C or 160°CF). After a few seconds, it becomes mouldable and adheres to itself. Once drained, you can mould it. It is better to use dry heat for minor touch-ups and weldings.

  • When your piece of Varaform is warm, it can be welded onto itself or on another piece. If you use a mould, it is easier to humidify it before applying Varaform.

  • Varaform can be heated and cooled repeatedly. It can be moulded as many times as required.

  • To get positive weldings, heat both sides to be assembled. Varaform can be painted or sticked to other supports.

I got mine at:

DOUGLASS & STURGESS, Inc Arthur CORDISCO Retail Store Warehouse and shipping department 730 Bryant St. 1023 Factory St. SAN FRANCISCO Richmond, CA 94107 CA 94801 Tel: 1 510-235-8411 URL : Fax: 1 510-235-4211 Toll free 888-278-7883

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