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Just because the film stars Milo Ventimiglia, Gabriel Macht and Andie MacDowell dosn't mean we do anything different as the Costume Designers. Good old fashion three dimensional mood biards are created and shown to the director, and decisions as to style , color, and more are made based on these. Yes sometimes fittings are handled a bit differently. In the case of Andi Mcdowell I did her fittings in her hotel room. Milo Ventimiglia was very intracle to the creation of his character. He really wanted the clothes to come from an actual thrift store, something some actors refuse to wear. Aslo, it is in the contract of sme actors to be able to keep their wardrobe after. Gabriel Macht really loved some of the the jackets and jeans form his scenes and so they were gifted to him- after filming was over.

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